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The osteopath-designed lumbar support guaranteed to reduce back pain when driving.


of adults suffer lower back pain


of remote workers suffer lower back pain


of all health spending goes to treating lower back pain

Back pain is more than just a matter of comfort. For drivers it can be a serious health and safety issue too.
Painkillers don’t always mix well with driving and only address a tiny part of the problem.
More effective long-term pain relief can only come from good posture and good support. For driving, that begins with a car seat that actually fits.

Introducing the custom-fitted back support that makes your car seat fit you

Diagram showing how Morfit back support helps achieve good driving posture

Morfit adjusts to fit the lumbar support zone perfectly

Morfit is an Osteopath-designed lumbar support that uses air-set technology to mould itself to the shape of your body, making your car or truck seat fit you perfectly. And it’s easy to re-set whenever you need to use it in a different seat or vehicle.

Because it tackles the root cause of lower back pain, Morfit is 90% effective in real-world applications*.

Morfit gives immediate pain relief and also works as a long-term preventative measure against future back pain.

* Fewer than 10% of Morfit devices are returned under our relief-or-return money-back guarantee.

How to set up Morfit car seat back support for best driving posture

This short video shows how to set Morfit back support up in your car.

For videos on setting up your car seat for best driving posture to avoid back pain in your car seat, see our Driving Posture page.

Our guarantee: relief or return

Morfit is designed to provide continuing relief from back pain. If it doesn’t do that for you, you are free to return it.

  • When used in the right situation, Morfit works incredibly well.
  • We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, so if Morfit doesn’t help you, you may return it for a full refund.

  • 90% of Morfit users choose to keep Morfit.

  • We give you 30 days from purchase to decide if you’re happy. Conditions apply
Morfit back support - packaging