Dr Mark Spring, Sandford Practice, Dorset, UK

I have now had the pleasure of using Morfit for a couple of weeks and it has worked wonders on my lower back pain. I have started to recommend it to my patients with lower back pains, especially the ones who regularly need to drive their cars.
I find that the moulded fit of Morfit helps to gently manipulate the back and at the end of a journey, supported by Morfit back support on my car seat, my back is more comfortable after a drive than before, which is the opposite of my previous experience experience of long drives.

David Lindy, retired Osteopath, UK

Unfortunately about a year after I bought my Morfit, I had to have rather profound and aggressive surgery for my back complaint which was diagnosed as a grade 2 spondylolisthesis with severe bilateral neural compression. I was able to drive, much to the surprise of my specialist, right up to the time I was admitted for surgery due entirely to the support of the Morfit lumbar support. I actually drove myself to the Hospital!

Immediately after discharge Morfit gave me great help in the car as a passenger. I also used to take the Morfit into my home where it performed the same function as in the car, making chairs far more comfortable. Again the ability to re mould to suite different chairs and seats came into its own.

After two months when I was given the all clear to drive I must say the Morfit was wonderful as I was able to remould the Morfit to my spine as it became more pliable and relaxed.

Dr John Hellemans FRNZCGP, Sports Medicine Practitioner, Sportsmed, Christchurch

I have used it … and I must say that it is a most comfortable device. I have reoccurring low back pain and at times have used lumbar rolls on my travels but the Morfit support is certainly superior to these.

Recently I travelled by car from Christchurch to Golden Bay, a journey of six and a half hours without any subsequent back stiffness or pain.

I will certainly keep using it and have no hesitation of recommending it to my patients.

Lawrence Cartmell, Director, Osteopathic Clinic, Wellington

As well as personally using the Morfit back rest in my car, I have been recommending it to appropriate patients to try in their car for over two years now.

Over 90% of those who try the product go on to purchase one. They like the individuality it offers and its adaptability. The feedback I receive is overwhelmingly positive.

Dr Celia Palmer, Auckland District Health Board

This back support really made a difference for me in our ute, we use the ute on long journeys as it can tow our campertrailer but the seats are terrible and I always dreaded going in it but we now have these supports on the driver and passenger seats and I get a pain free journey. Definitely worth a try if you get back pain in the car.

Eugene Middleton Osteopath, The Twig Centre, Lower Hutt

I have found the Morfit Back Support to be really helpful and I have no hesitation suggesting it to patients, I particularly like the way the design supports and forms to your actual back shape.

On a personal note, after the initial few weeks of relief, I noticed the support wasn’t as helpful. Then, rereading the instructions I realised I had fallen out of the habit of re-adjusting the support when I first hop into the car, seems clear in hindsight but something to watch as a user, it does only take a moment.

I wish you the very best, I don’t normally do endorsements, but I really like your product.